Must try “Christmas Delights”

Having numerous holidays and festivals in Singapore, Christmas is still the most magnificent event of the year. Our heart anticipates for great time with family and friends, presents, scrumptious food and heavenly desserts. YES!!! It’s time to hear some cake stuff. Get ready for the countdown.

1) Bakerzin
Bakerzin, one of Singapore’s most sought out after dessert cafes. It has been offering tantalizing sweet cakes for the past 15 years. Their creations can even more heavenly during this festive season. They have traditional range of cakes to exotic delights lined up. To make the festive season extra merry, the new croquembouche, comes in two flavours, Coffee Cream and French Vanilla custard. Just like a Christmas tree, it’s stacked up beautifully with 27 butterscotch coated choux puffs.

Take a few minutes to admire, but maybe not too long or it will melt in someone’s mouth. Log cakes? What’s Christmas without log cakes… Yes, we heard you. Bakerzin has the finest of everything, which includes Yule Love Chocolate Log cake using the chocolate from Valrhona. Another winning collection is Chestnut Mont Blanc Log cake, made with French meringue almond dacquoise and covered with willowy amount of sweet chestnut cream. This year’s new addition is the Chocolate Stump De Noel, a twist on traditional classic, made with light chiffon sponge. We heard that the new addition is kid’s favourite.

Don’t forget to check out the array of selections at the 7 outlets of Bakerzin.


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2) Twelve Cupcakes
Twelve Cupcakes, a cup cake paradise which has an overwhelming response from customers from all walks of life. The ability to deliver fresh handmade baked cupcakes with great quality with wide range of choices is their selling point. A Twelve Cupcakes Cupcake is moist, fluffy with a smooth frosting which is pleasing to our taste buds. A sure sweet-tooth craving for many. It’s time to unveil their Christmas collection. They have created four new selections this season. ‘Christmas Tree’ Blueberry Vanilla, ‘Santa Red’ Velvet, Mint Oreo and ‘Snowman Rainbow’ Vanilla. ‘Christmas Tree’ Blueberry Vanilla cupcake is a Christmas tree inspired cupcake. Looking a radiant, it’s topped with electric blue frosting and white beads.

Cup 2

It’s a sure delight. The ‘Santa Red’ Velvet is a creative design which will make you awe. Red Santa topping the cupcake makes it a unique piece. The velvet flavoured cake is just so rich in taste. Mint Oreo is another added collection which is a snowflake innovative output. A cool yummy appetizer for the greed tummy. Lastly the ‘Snowman Rainbow’ Vanilla, a cute looking smiley snowman sure to sweep off any kid’s heart. This enticing snowman is a sure joy for all young ones and young at heart. Twelve Cupcakes are the perfect thing for this festive season.

It’s a must to bring back the signature pink box full of treats from Twelve Cupcakes.


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3) The Icing Room
The Icing Room is the first-ever specialty concept shop that offers Design-It-Yourself (DIY) cake decorative services. This unique concept provides you with a cream cake, all you need to do is go wild and decorate your very own cake on the spot. To make this DIY experience even more delightful, The Icing Room offer a wide range of coloured piping bags, toppings and decorative themed icings. What makes this Christmas special at The Icing Room??? We have the answers for you. It’s a magical Christmas at The Icing Room this season. You got to hop on to the fantasy ride of The Magic Sleigh.

Ice 2

It is a delectable ride with Santa and vanilla chiffon cake. Another cold addition is the Enchanted Winter Forest Christmas Flora which is inspired by Korean dramas where flowers blossom in cold winter. A luscious Christmas Star cake is one of the pleasant surprise this season. Hidden is a Christmas tree shaped design in centre of mouth-watering snowy cake. Don’t miss out this real charmer.

There’s probably no room for joy this Christmas without The Icing Room.


4) Les Patisseries
It’s time to munch for French pastries. Well, Les Patisseries defines “pastries” in French. Les Patisseries specialize in French pastries and confectioneries. Their skills are very much in touch and twist of modern French baking techniques to innovate the finest quality. Most of their ingredients are from France. Getting geared up for Christmas, Les Patisseries have selected a few outstanding selections to satisfy their customers. Are you ready to try their new Rose Lychee Raspberry Log cake? The outer layer looks like it has been soaked in snow flakes and once you slice the cake, the nectarious raspberry oozes out from the cake to make it a complete heaven. One can never forego a chocolate log cake for Christmas especially when it’s one of the best. Be dazzled by their divine Chocolate log cake.

It’s a must try for all chocolate lovers. Last but not least! We got to feature their old and traditional Brandy Fruitcake. It’s time to have a typical tea time during Christmas.  It’s a pastry and confectionery party at Les Patisseries.


5) Deli @ Goodwood Park Hotel
What is Christmas without exquisite Deli cakes? They have lined up some awesome flavours this season. The new Summer berries mousse & passionfruit cream with chocolate brownie log cake is a refreshing blend with rich textures to form the perfect festive dessert. A passionfruit cream with almond sponge centre is surrounded by a tangy mixed berry mousse that sits on chocolate cream and a walnut brownie base. Another premium treat is the new Goodwood ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian Christmas log cake. It is one of the signature Goodwood D24 durian Christmas log cake.

Packed with creamy ‘Mao Shan Wang’ durian goodness within layers of vanilla sponge, this treat is bound to excite all durian enthusiasts. Kindly set aside some space for another stunning creation which is the Whiskey profiteroles chocolate tart. A decadent dessert inspired by the croquembouche with choux pastry profiteroles filled with whiskey custard on a chocolate sponge base surrounded by an ‘Oreo’ crust.

A sure take home piece of heaven is at Deli @ Goodwood Park Hotel.