1. Can I exchange the voucher for cash?

Vouchers are not exchangeable for cash.

2. Can I book the table?

No booking available.

3. Can I ask for delivery?

No delivery available.

4. Do I need to bring any ID proof to the restaurant?

Yes, you will have to provide your ID proof together with the voucher.

5. How long can I keep the voucher?

Within the voucher expiry date.

6. Can I use the voucher anytime, any day?

Yes, according to the restaurant / outlet operating hours with voucher’s valid date.

7. Is the food 100% FREE?

Yes! Its 100% FREE with no additional charges!

8. What are the food items that are available?

All the famous Singapore Food – Beverage – Ice creams – Cake etc.

9. Can I get the voucher everyday?

You can’t get more than one voucher within 24hours.

10. Can I get the voucher anytime?

Different vouchers are available at different time.

11. How many vouchers can I print at the same time?

Each customer is eligible to print only one voucher per day.

12. How can I get the FFF Voucher?

Visit FFF site and login / register by providing your email address and details. Later, check the available FFF voucher and print it in order to redeem your free food.

13. How many discount vouchers can I take at a time?

You can take up to 8 discount vouchers at a time. You can’t take the same voucher on the same or different day.

14. Are all the discount vouchers from the same merchant?

No. It’s from different merchants. You are allowed to take only one discount voucher from each merchant.

15. Are there any terms and conditions for the discount vouchers?

Yes. Each merchant have their own terms and conditions. You can check with them directly.

16. What is magic box?

Magic box works as a lucky draw. The system chooses the winner randomly.

17. Are there any eligibility required to open the magic box?

Yes. You must enjoy 3 times free food vouchers and try your luck with our magic box.

18. How many prizes are given in the Magic Box each day?

Only one prize is given per month.

19. How many times I’m allowed to open and try my luck on the Magic Box?

Once you are eligible to open the magic box, you can open and try it every day.

20. How many times will I win the Magic Box prize?

Its depending on your luck. You can win more than once.