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FISH HEAD CURRY - Indian Curry House

January 2017

FISH HEAD CURRY – Indian Curry House

Indian Curry House@Expo is conveniently located at Singapore Expo, just outside hall 4 and beside Car park C. The years of experience in the fast changing F&B scenario of Singapore has helped us to cater to the diverse customer base. At Singapore Expo we happily serve to locals as as well as expats, tourists and business visitors from around the globe.

Our menu, which is carefully picked up, comprises of dishes  from different parts of India. Our dishes are mildly tempered with the authentic spices and flavours. We try our best to bring the authenticity of Indian food to tickle all taste buds.

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The dish is made by stewing the head of Red snapper fish in a spicy hot curry with vegetables. The sour tasting tamarind flavour, is unmistakably the signature of this dish. It can be had with basmati rice or with our naan breads – the sweetness of the dough helps to neutralise the spices in the curry. The vegetables used included in this dish includes eggplant, lady’s finger and tomatoes.

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