My Favorite Food

Sreyashi Sen

Managing Director - Singapore

“I Love Eggs in Any Form!”

Up Close and Personal with Sreyashi  Sen, Chairperson of Darpan, the only regional film festival in Southeast Asia. A die-hard food lover, Sreyashi has her own facebook page on her cooking adventures called Sreya’s Kitchen.



1. Do you live to eat or eat to live?

I live a life that has to have good food strewn among all the other pleasures and delights. Food is an important part of appreciating the wonder of life.

2. Would you describe yourself as a foodie?

Yes I would. I am always on the look out for good food haunts and experimenting with new delights that fill the soul …food I believe is always for the soul

3. What is your all time favourite Singapore food? Why?

I would say steam boat at Beach Road. Steam boat in any form touches two chords…am a sucker for soups and I like to cook too…so a barbeque steam boat gives that feel of making my own stuff too! The whiff of the soup and all that’s within and boiling also fills me with a deep warmth and  satisfaction.


4. Who do you enjoy eating it with?

Close friends and family where I can be me. Work lunches and dinners don’t do justice to food. That’s why I mostly meet people over coffee or tea when its work. Food needs respect and appreciation and work meetings over food don’t do justice to that. And the foodie I am I wont do justice to work if there’s good food in front of me! J

5. Do you have any unforgettable or funny childhood food memories?

Yes! I never used to like egg (and yet with age I LOVE egg in any form now). I remember I would always give the morning half boiled egg away to the maid when mum wasn’t looking!

And yet, a half boiled egg, toast and butter bring back that fragrance of childhood and breakfast with the family…its almost like a fragrance of time gone by which I now treasure… I can almost be one with that time at a cafe. Unforgettable whiffs of growing up!

6. What is your favourite comfort food?

Simple Aloo Jeera ( potatoes with cumin), yellow dal and rice with a wedge of fragrant lime. And, eel porridge. Again its a whiff of childhood which is very close to fish and soft rice with butter in my growing up years that mum would make.

7. What is the best food you’ve ever had?

My all time favourite always is the famous biryani from Kolkata India, NOTHING beats that!


8. Do you have any funny food incidents?

Many!!! Where do I start!? But one happened in Tekka when I first moved here. There is an interesting green veggie called Parwal, which you only get in Little India. I didn’t know the Chinese name for it and went around all stalls trying to explain with as weird a gesture as u can imagine! After many stalls and no luck I reach this old Chinese man who I repeat the gestures too and he looks at me and says : Aha! You mean Parwal?”

Intercultural learning at its best!

9. Do you cook? What do you love to cook?

I LOVE to cook! ( I even have an facebook page of my cooking called Sreya’s kitchen). I de stress by cooking and find it so very creative and therapeutic

I love to cook just about anything but my most favourite is mustard fish from Bengal.

And Khau Suey (Burmese) as it again brings back childhood memories of how special a day it was when mom would make the dish

10. Do you have any other interesting/funny anecdotes with regard to food?

I remember visiting Dhaka with my Singaporean colleagues and CEO long time back during my first job in Singapore. I was told to try the very famous Bangladeshi Biryani in Desker Road but was apprehensive about whether they would like it. We reached the place and my boss says…”errm will try just a spoon”

Cut a long story short…after one spoon…sleeves rolled up and he gulps down an entire plate…looks around and says : “lets have another round…this is heaven!”


We ended up packing and taking back a few more plates for after dinner!